Nalini Tebbey

Owner, Yoga and Pilates Teacher

    Nalini has been a dedicated yoga student since 2010 and teacher since 2015. Her practice began purely as a form of exercise, but has transformed (and continues to do so) into something much more. Nalini believes yoga is a fantastic tool for anyone to help disconnect from external stresses and pressures and instead connect inward through mindful movement of  body and breath. After  completing her training in Sydney with Akasha Yoga, Nalini  took the plunge, leaving a corporate job and moving to the Gold Coast to teach yoga full time. Nalini feels very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time when The Floating Lotus was looking for an owner in 2017. She endeavours for the studio to be a positive and vibrant space for the community,  where everyone is welcome. As a teacher Nalini is passionate about creating interesting and unpredictable flow sequences that move fluidly whilst maintaining a strong alignment focus. Nalini caters for all ages, genders and levels of experience in her classes. Expect a bit of sweat a little laughter and a whole lot of love.